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Empowering People on Legal Front

Pravasi Legal Cell (PLC) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working to empower people with the power of law. It is a group of retired Judges, Advocates, Social Activists, Journalists and inspired citizens of India.

Pravasi Legal Cell was inaugurated by Dr. Christy Fernandez (I.A.S), Secretary to the President of India, on 1st February 2009 as an initiative of the Knanaya Catholic Mission, Delhi. Pravasi Legal Cell is a brain child of Jose Abraham, Advocate on record, Supreme Court of India, who is also its Global President and operational head.
Pravasi Legal Cell endeavors to mitigate a wide range of injustice that the common man encounters in everyday life. We aim at protecting the vitality and dignity of human life without discrimination on any ground such as caste, religion, gender, language, place of birth etc. and ensuring the constitutional as well as the legal rights of the common man.

Honourable Justice K.G. Balakrishnan – former ChiefJustice of India, Honourable Justice Kurian Joseph – former Judge of the Supreme Court of India and Honourable Justice C.S. Rajan – former Judge of Kerala High Court are the patrons of Pravasi Legal Cell.All these years of eventful existence, Pravasi Legal Cell could able to help thousands of Indians who faced injustice in India and abroad. PLC has brought up numerous matters to the attention of the appropriate government and the judiciary concerning issues of Pravasi’s and could able to receive effective intervention by the ministry to solving them.

President's Message

Pravasi legal cell had its inspired and enthusiastic beginning when the need of opening the doors of justice to people who cannot walk the lengthy and costly route of grievance redressal system was felt strongly. Having no voice is no reason for anyone to suffer injustice and to live with it. The aim of rendering voice to the voiceless and demanding justice for people who have no access to the system, either due to ignorance or due to lack, has been the motivational force behind this endeavor.

      The cell has completed a decade of its fruitful and happening existence. The smile that justice brings on the face of people, otherwise harassed and made hopeless by situations, guides its journey ahead, further motivated and inspired.

        It has been a decade… Changes have been made … Smiles have bloomed … Now it’s the time to Strengthen and Expand further… Come… Join With Us… Let’s  make the Difference.



Mr. Sudheer Thirunilath

Bahrain Chapter President & Global PRO

Mr. Babu Francis​

Kuwait Chapter President

T.N. Krishnakumar

Dubai Chapter President

Advocate P.Jayasheelan

Malaysia Chapter President 

P. Mohanadas

Kerala Chapter president 

Advocate P. Saranath

Tamil Nadu Chapter President 

Adv. Mathew Maplate EA, GRI

Country Head USA 2020

Adv Soniya Sunny

The UK  Chapter President


Hajarabi Valiyakathu

International Coordinator
PLC Ladies Wing

Adv Vaheeda U

National Chairperson, PLC Ladies Wing

Mr. Michael Joseph


Mr. R M Babu

Africa Region

Mr. Hashim Perumbavoor

International Coordinator,
Pravasi Legal Cell


Baiju Varkey ThittalaCountry HeadUK2019
Mr. Jaimy K AntonyCoordinatorIndia2019
Mr. Jayesh SebastianCoordinatorMiddle East and Africa2019
Mr. John BilbyCoordinatorCanada2019
Mr. Latheef ThechyCoordinatorSaudi Arabia2019
Dr. Raphel VallachiraCoordinatorIndia2019
Mr. Tomy KokkatCoordinatorNorth America2019
Mr. Femin JacobCoordinatorSocial Media2020
Mr. Anisur RehmanCountry HeadOman2020
Mr. Abdul Raoof KondottyCountry HeadQatar2020
Mr. Sreedharan PrasadCountry HeadUAE2020
Adv Ameer MytheenCoordinatorUAE2022
Mr. P.R MohananCoordinatorOman2022
Mrs. Seema KrishnanCoordinatorAbu Dubai2022
Adv. Sonia MCoordinatorQatar2022
Mr. Zahir Hussain ACoordinatorMalaysia & Singapore2020
Adv Althaf SheriffCoordinatorThailand2020
Adv. D. B. BinuPresident Kerala ChapterIndia2020
Mr. P.R MohananCoordinatorOman